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Web Designing Services

We design websites in a very competitive and affordable prices. At today’s everybody knows about the website and its benefits, that is why every single person want a great and attractive website for them or their business. But in the market of website design and development, some companies or freelancers do not focus about the beauty and the grace of website and they create websites in a very very cheap budget and take away the website concept and the look and feel. web-development

By the low budget website designing, people have websites but they don’t have the proper beautified showcase to show their business to the new customers. We providing the best website design and development in a very affordable pricing for every type of business. Be believe in quality and user friendly web system which follows web standard. In these days people too much confused about the pricing of their new websites, we have many type of web design and development packages which suits your budget.

Few Basic things you need to know before the website design & Development.

Pricing: The website pricing reflects as per the “Category” “Concept” and “Completion time” of the website.

  • The Category: It is the type of your website like Static, Dynamic, E-Commerce, Flash Website, One-Page Website, Responsive Website.
  • The Concept: It determine your business, services, products, contents, images, purpose of website, required functionality, payment gateway system, login/signup system, enquiry system etc.
  • Completion Time: It determine the time frame for completion of your website. Each category have their different time frame by their different concept.

services_Web-Design-Development-iconsWe get this idea by the telephonic conversation, meeting, or by email exchanged with our clients. We create websites direct from the sketch which can be suggested by clients or will designed by us. Its generally measured in the terms of person’s months of effort which is spent on the design and the development. after all these requirements we give you the exact pricing of your website.

The website quotation mostly depends upon the “Home Page” designing. A website quote will increase when it contains lots of banners, animation, transaction effects, graphics, icons, functionality and the Enquiry or Contact us form on the home page as compared to create a simple text content and a simple navigation. We are giving approximate pricing of website designing and development below. We providing free web hosting and domain name registration for the first year of purchase with every website design and development order.

Before or after the completion of website, whichever is suitable you need to register a domain name or book a web hosting to store your website files on the server. We suggest to clients they select the domain name which resembles to their business. It’s very easy for the new visitor to remember the domain name as per your business name.

See the pricing for Web Design Packages.

Different strokes for different folks:

Our Company is made up with dynamic and dedicated designers and developers. We worked with a variety of clients, we have the showcase of our work and specialties in Web Design & Development. Whether you want a CMS Design, WordPress Design, Shopping Cart Design, Personal Website Design, Matrimonial Website Design, School/College Website Design and so on, we’ll help you to make best possible online impression. If you want some international Website design and you need to start with a professional India Web Design Company, Start with UtkarshKulshrestha.com. contact us to explore out more.

Our Website Design Principles

We make our website designing confirm by the few rules:

  • W3C standards-compliant
  • Cross-browser consistancy
  • Clear navigation, to make the site easy to use
  • Make text easy to read
  • Organise content in an intuitive manner
  • Make the website reflect the showcase of the company